Our chemical division is committed to developing and applying its water soluble polymer chemistry to deliver economies, efficiencies and environmental benefits to its customers and their processes. This was achieved through a constant investment in research, expertise people and technologies.

Our chemical division produces a wide range of Water soluble polymers for the

Our corporate Office comprises a modern office/laboratory complex as well as extensive production facilities enable us to respond rapidly to customer requirements. We have a dedicated team of Technical Service personnel whose experience spans a range of industrial sectors enabling them to advice on the efficient and economic use of our products best suited for their particular application. our company, our products and our unrivalled technical service and application know-how enable us to provide most cost effective solutions.

The products mentioned below are used as primary products across a range of market sectors – the more abundant of which are detailed in the following pages.


Anionic, Cationic and Non-Ionic flocculants available in solid grade powders, The range of products offered provides a full series of varying charge densities and molecular weight spreads.


A full range of Polyamine, polyDADMAC , Cynogunadine derivatives with varying molecular weights and charge densities.

Deflocculants/dispersing agent

Deflloculants & dispersing agent based on homo polymer, co-polymer, tert polymer based on acrylic acid, meth acrylic acid, maleic acid, amps monomer in various ratios & molecular weight.

Water & Waste Water Treatment

The importance of new generation of water-soluble polymers in water & wastewater treatment was realized by us in our quest for giving our customers best possible cost effective solution for treatment of water & waste water. Our technical expertise and in-depth knowledge of Coagulants & Flocculants enable us to develop and provide product to meet the Coagulation, flocculation & Dewatering needs of our clients from diverse industries. Our products Coagulants and Flocculants are very relevant today for achieving reduction in cost of your solid / liquid separation and sludge dewatering needs & achieving environmental targets set up by government authorities specific to your industrial processes. Our products help you in following solid liquid separation operations.

  • Clarification, settling, precipitation
  • Thickening, concentrating
  • Dewatering
  • Flotation
  • Filtration

Our range of Coagulants & Flocculants and the specialized product that we offer:

  • Will remove color from waste water
  • Will help create efficiencies in your industrial processes
  • Add value to your products
  • Protect the environment
  • Generate ongoing savings.
  • Help clarify the liquid
  • Accelerate sedimentation
  • Eliminate unnecessary and environmentally harmful chemical additives
  • Increases dewatering of the sludge during the dewatering processes
  • Significantly reduces water consumption during the process
  • Greatly reduce the amount of sludge generated
  • Offers substantial savings due to reduced water consumption
  • Reduced sludge disposal costs
  • Reduced chemical waste and sludge generation

Mining / Extractives industries

Our expertise in polymer chemistry delivers a range of performance additives for: clarification, flotation, filtration, scale inhibition, general flocculation, sedimentation, centrifugation. Our coagulants and flocculants & defllocculants & dispersing agents are widely used in mining and extractive industries and the range is supported by the following application.


Comprehensive range of dispersants, with a varying range of molecular weight for specific applications such as Kaolin and Clay dispersion.


Sedimentation ,filteration, centrifugation, floatation ,dewatering and fine recovery process in coal Copper,lead & zinc processing plants Gold & silver processing sandstone, gravel, limestone and granite Alumina & phosphate recovery Iron ore processing.


We produce a range of additives that can be used in both oil / gas drilling and oil recovery. The product range covers drilling fluid thinners, shale stabilizers and viscosifiers, helping to enhance mobility control and reservoir conformance, as well as chemicals for oily water clarification. These facilitate the maximization of oil recovery, as well as extending the economic lifecycle of any given reserves.


For use in the prevention of sulphate and carbonate scales. Polymer additives for Enhanced Oil Recovery. A range of polyacrylamide polymers to improve oil recovery in Polymer Flooding and Water Shut off projects. Rheology Modifi ers for Drilling Muds. Polymers for the preparation of bentonite drilling muds, to increase the carryout capacity, and to reduce clay swelling and sticking.

Pulp and Paper Industries

We offer a full range of performance additives for the Pulp & Paper industries.

Dispersants (for Coatings & Pigment Slurries):

Dispersants which ensure shear stability of pigment slurries in both wet-end application and control and maintenance of viscosities in the Coating Bath.

Retention Aids, Drainage and Formation

Highly soluble retention aids which maximize the retention of fibers, fines and fillers. This gives rise to increased drainage, machine speed, improved runnability and sheet formation.

Dry Strength Resins

Resins designed to maximize dry strength in the finished sheet by increasing and improving inter-fiber bonds. The product selection is dependent upon plant conditions and type in addition to the strength and length of the fi bres being used.

Fibre Recovery

Products intended for the separation and recovery of fibers, fines and fillers which can be recycled in the paper making process, thus reducing costs.


Liquid and solid grade coagulants which provide effective management of pitch and stickiness thereby reducing deposition, paper breaks and machine down time. Our fi xatives improve the runnability of the paper machine and provide effective retention of dyes to yield high quality colored paper.

Water Management and Effluent Treatment

Our product range includes anionic and cationic polymers, cationic coagulants and speciality products intended for the recovery of process water, treatment of plant run-off water and watercourse discharge.

Sugar Industries

We offers a wide range o fl occulants for sugar juice clarification, sugar refining and effluent treatment plants. The products have been specifically designed to provide maximum technical advantage within the applications, whilst maintaining an economic benefit. This range is supported by:


Sequestering agents for use within boiler systems and products for use in sugar juice evaporators and in the crystallization process.

Decolorization Agents

Performance additives for use in syrup refi neries.


For sugar juice claiication,mud filteration, etc.

Areas of Application for Flocculants
  • replacement of animal glues
  • gummed paper tapes and labels
Aluminum anodization
and surface treatment
  • chemical treatment of effluent
  • sludge treatment
Aluminum smelters
  • water recycling
Aluminum sulphate
  • impurity removal during process
Asbestos plate
  • improvement of filtration rates
anionic nonionic
Borax production
  • process
anionic or other
Brewing industry
  • effluent
Brine clarification
  • Ca and Mg removal
Centrifugation aid
Ceramic industry
  • effluent treatment
Chemical industry effluent
  • organic chemicals and inorganics
  • biological treatment sludge handling
  • physico-chemical treatment

Clay, china clay production
  • concentration
  • recycling of water
  • under certain circumstances polymers replace or partially replace inorganic coagulants
cationic, nonionic, anionic
Coagulant aid
  • i.e. flocculant allowing reduction of alum use by half
slightly anionic or cationic
Coal washing
  • settling of coal slurries
  • settling of tailings
  • filtration of coal
  • filtration of concentrated tailings
  • centrifugation of tailings
Copper mining
  • settling of fines in counter current decantation
  • thickening of concentrate
  • acid leaching
  • gold mining
Dairy and milk industry
  • biological treatment of effluent
  • sludge handling
Dicalcium phosphate
  • wet process
Dredging and land reclamation
  • hopper dredges (silt settling)
  • soil stabilization
Electroplating industry
  • treatment of hydroxides
Drying beds
  • reduction of drying time
Filter aid
  • sludge conditioning prior to filtration
Flotation aid
  • improvement of particle size prior to flotation
Food processing industry
  • wastewater
Hydraulic back-fill
  • in mining operations
Industrial raw water treatment
  • as a coagulant aid during treatment of river or underground water
  • dewatering of settled sludge
Iron ore
  • settling
  • filtration of fines
Iron and steel industry
  • steel works blast furnace gas washing
  • clarification in steel rolling mills
  • clarification of pickling water
Latex and synthetic rubber effluent treatment
  • effluent treatment
  • uranium mining
  • copper mining
  • other mineral processing
Magnesia from seawater
  • sedimentation of magnesium hydroxide
Meat processing
  • wastewater treatment
  • wastewater treatment
Municipal sewage
  • primary sludge treatment
  • digested sludge treatment
  • drying beds
  • sieve belt presses
  • physico-chemical treatment
  • phosphate removal
Oil production
  • treatment of drilling water
  • secondary oil recovery
Petroleum refineries
  • effluent treatment
Pharmaceutical industry
  • effluent treatment
Phosphate ore
  • water recycling
Phosphoric acid wet process
  • acid clarification
  • filtration rate
  • reduction of P2O5 losses in gypsum
Potato industry
  • effluent treatment
Potable water
  • improvement of process efficiency
  • reduction of alum consumption 
  • treatment of hydroxide sludges
Potash mining
  • impurity removal in salt cold and hot process
Pulp and paper
  • treatment of incoming water
  • filler fiber retention aid
  • drainage aid
  • flotation aid on save-all
  • effluent treatment
Sand and gravel
  • recycling of water
  • clay removal
Settling aid
  • improvement of settling rates through use of flocculant
  • design of compact units
Sugar processing ·
  • cane or beet sugar juice clarification
  • recycling of water in beet sugar industry
Tailing disposal
  • in mining for environmental purposes or water economy
  • effluent treatment
Textile industry
  • effluent treatment
Titanium dioxide manufacture
  • clarification of "Black liquors"
  • processing of titanium dioxide slurries
Zinc electrolysis
  • acid leach
  • neutral leach

Our product also have prominent application in the following industries: Textiles, Paint & Coatings and Leather, being a supplier of performance additives for the principal processes and the subsequent effluent treatment.